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Corporate Statement
For The Nicholas Group


The Nicholas Group, Inc. was formed in 1982 to provide capital facilities, project sponsors, legal institutions, contractors, public agencies and other organizations having direct or indirect interest in capital projects with a completely independent and professional source of project management expertise and advice.

The organization is staffed with accomplished business and scientifically oriented capital facility project management practitioners with extensive real-life experience in the process industry. These are recognized, capable and thoroughly seasoned experts who combine broad backgrounds with strong analytic/diagnostic skills and proven records of success in planning, organizing, implementing and managing the full range of activities/operations associated with execution of domestic and international industrial capital facilities programs.
Our staff appreciates both the sponsor’s and the contractor’s role, motivation, objectives and operating practices in the execution of individual projects and within the context of each organization’s total business profile.

The Nicholas Group personnel have performed organizational reviews, conducted staffing studies, prepared and implemented company procedures/instruction manuals, presented a full spectrum of training courses/workshops,  helped establish strategic master plans for new projects, assisted in their implementation, and assessed the status and direction of ongoing projects for our international clients.

Our personnel are professionals whose goals are to make it work, not second guess yesterday’s actions or experiment with theoretical, untested project execution and management methodology.

The Nicholas Group’s complete independence has been carefully protected to avoid client concerns of bias or conflicting allegiance. We believe this complete independence promotes improved trust, credibility and compatibility with our clients. Many project management consulting firms are a direct subsidiary or an affiliate of firms which perform engineering, procurement and construction services. From such relationships, one might perceive that the advice and counsel of the consulting firm compromises the overall best interests of the client to satisfy other considerations.

Since we have no such vested interests, our attention is singularly focused toward client achievement of their objectives in the most efficient and economical manner. The Nicholas group believes that client success will stimulate continued relationships and furtherance or our growth.


The Nicholas Group, Inc. is a specialized consulting firm providing its clients both executive level and working level prospective to planning, implementing and controlling individual and multiple projects. Coverage encompasses long and short term corporate plans and objectives, research activities, product development, facility planning/engineering/construction, manufacturing, maintenance, marketing, finance, legal, safety, environmental and employee/public relations services.

In addition, we have been involved in several major programs directed at maximization of effective and lasting technology transfer and local resource utilization. The Nicholas Group personnel are adept at adjusting execution strategy and methodology to best fulfill sponsor or client objectives in a cost effective and realistic manner. The scope and flexibility of our consulting, technology transfer and project execution staffing capabilities is reflected in enclosed folder.

The Nicholas Group’s performance record extends to hundreds of successful assignments including petroleum, petrochemical, chemical coal technology, nuclear, liquefied natural gas, waste treatment/pollution control and metals processing projects. In many of these assignments, The Nicholas Group has demonstrated its unique and special capabilities in all project execution aspects with concentrated focus on organizational planning/structuring/staffing, administrative/operational procedures, execution planning/scheduling services including “master planning”, project staff support, project reviews, project control and balancing resources against requirements.

In the planning/scheduling area, The Nicholas Group is particularly proud of its contributions to the development and practice of master planning techniques and quantitative guidelines for appropriate emphasis and levels of detail for controlling each stage of project/program execution.

The Nicholas Group is also experienced in developing and implementing international multi-project control systems such as that for monitoring and coordinating resource allocation and interdependencies. The Nicholas Group’s project management support contributions have included extensive contracting services, development of management plans and guides, manuals and procedures, personnel assignments, and project/program management training courses. The Nicholas Group’s manuals include: project strategy, project execution planning, organizational considerations/concepts, planning/scheduling, cost engineering, materials-logistics and management, construction supervision, including “Mobil Construction Supervision Manual” prepared for Mobil Oil Corporation, as well as Project Evaluation Guides. The Nicholas Group training programs cover: applied project management, strategic planning, planning/scheduling, cost management, internal project execution controls, contracting and international process plant construction management.

Additional areas of The Nicholas Group’s demonstrated expertise are independent project/program reviews and audits and cost analysis.  The Nicholas Group’s experience in conducting project and program reviews spans the entire capital plant project management spectrum from status reviews of specific projects/programs to capability analysis of various owner and contractor project execution organizations. We have reviewed project status and contractor performance at all stages of domestic and international project/program development covering projects of several million to billion dollars in size.

Frequently requested cost management-related services have included earned value and cost/schedule reconciliations, project audits/forecast verifications, estimate and material takeoff validations, and risk analysis. These studies have provided clients with timely insight and practical recommendations resulting in improved progress and efficiency. They have helped bring about substantial savings, often enabling clients to under run project base estimates by 10% or more. They have created mutual trust and respect between the firm and its clients.  A name recognized for quality, integrity, dedication and success.

The Nicholas Group has also assisted a number of major, contractors with the development and subsequent implementation of improved organizational structures and associated position descriptions, operating policies and procedures. Our frequent exposure to many of the prominent engineering and construction contractors provides us with a unique overview and knowledge of industry styles and operating methodologies. Without compromising or violating the interests of these organizations, The Nicholas Group’s prospective has been helpful in advising other engineering and construction contractors in the design, organization and implementation of improved operating methods and practices.

The Nicholas Group’s training programs, offered through our Project Management Technology Center (PMTC) are presented to project sponsor /owner, and contractor personnel from around the world.

These courses include intermediate and advanced level seminars and workshops covering the full range of project execution techniques and practices. PMTC courses are offered on an open registration basis, as well as, in-house to sponsoring clients.

The Nicholas Group PMTC workshops are conducted by accomplished business and scientifically-oriented project practitioners with extensive real-life experience in the process industry and an ability to customize topics to fit a client’s specific approach and needs.

At client request, we can also create or supplement in-house project management and execution training programs. On those occasions where we develop a new training program or course.    The Nicholas Group instructors conduct the first presentation. Subsequent presentations can continue to be handled by our personnel or, at the client’s option, be turned over to in-house instructors who are trained and supported by our staff.


The Nicholas Group’s personnel are its principal resource. Unique in our sensitivity to the special characteristics and circumstances of each venture, The Nicholas Group personnel have extensive practical know-how and leadership in utilizing and promoting effective use of demonstrated management techniques. This hands-on experience encompasses the full spectrum of skills used in executing domestic and international capital projects.

The Nicholas Group personnel are capable of assisting clients:

• identify full “universe” of factors/activities involved in the execution of their projects,
• identify and prioritize factors/activities which are vital to achievement  of project/program goals and objectives, check content, definition and closure of  
  participant responsibilities and establish interface coordination.
• Develop effective strategy and prepare “Master” Project Execution Plans for each foreseeable project/program management situation,
• Develop contingency action plans for unplanned situations.

identify full “universe” of factors/activities involved in the execution of their projects,
identify and prioritize factors/activities which are vital to achievement  of project/program goals and objectives, check content, definition and closure of participant responsibilities and establish interface coordination.
Develop effective strategy and prepare “Master” Project Execution Plans for each foreseeable project/program management situation,
Develop contingency action plans for unplanned situations.

We take pride in getting the job done right, and in the ability to understand, communicate with and earn the confidence of our clients. As professionals, we measure achievement by client success.

In addition to its team of project and program management experts, The Nicholas Group also has at its disposal an extensive library of project related materials including job instructions, management and technical procedures, case histories, specifications, contracts and other relevant historical data. It is equipped with a complete portfolio of proven control procedures and standardized project contract documents which can be tailored to suit specific client requirements. These resources permit prompt customized development of a totally integrated management system or selective use of references to complement existing client and/or contractor background and expertise

The Nicholas Group cost engineer/management services are provided both in connection with specific assignments and on a companywide operational basis. In summary, The Nicholas Group offers three major Project Management Services:

ADVICE - Our Management & Consulting division provides leading edge project management technology and consulting services. Our experts work closely with clients to establish the confidence and rapport needed to ensure successful results.

• TRAINING - The Project Management Technology Center offers a spectrum of customized project-related training courses for professional development and team building. Workshops are designed around the client’s actual processes and projects.

• PEOPLE - Our Nicholas Group Project Professionals provide superior quality professionals for challenging project situations. The Nicholas Group professionals seamlessly integrate as key project team members providing a targeted expert services wherever needed and only for as long as required. The Nicholas Group Project Professionals take a proactive approach to safeguard the Owner’s position through hands-on facilitation of project activities and project oversight management.

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